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Membership renewal form 2023-2024

Dear partners:

We are in the renewal periodmembership for the year 2023-2024.

An easy and accessible process. Below we enable our membership renewal form.



Data update:

Once you register your data, the committee of membership, you will be evaluating it. 

Partner Categories

regular partner- Any financial aid officer who holds an executive, administrative, or financial aid official level position, once their entry has been accepted. They will have the right to speak and vote on all matters considered in the assemblies.

collaborating partner - Any person who performs tasks related to the Financial Aid Office, but who does not perform the functions of the Financial Aid Administrator and who does not qualify for the Regular Member category, such as Fiscal Officers, Finance or Treasury Officers, Counselors (as), Presidents or Directors of institutions or campuses, Registrars, and any person or state, federal or bank official or guaranteeing agencies, as well as auditors, who shows genuine interest in the affairs of the Association; but that cannot be considered (a) Regular (a) Member. He will have the right to speak, but not to vote, in all matters considered in the assemblies.

honorary member - Any person who has shown marked interest in the progress of the Association and whose candidacy has been accepted by the members of the Association in ordinary assembly. He will have the right to speak but not to vote in all matters considered in the assemblies.
*Refer to Article III Section 4 of our Constitution and Regulations.

retired partner- Have worked in the Economic Aid Office or area directly related to this Office, for at least 18 years or more and have been a Regular Member of PRASFAA at some point during their years of service. You will not have the right to speak or vote, you will not be able to apply for any vacant position on the Board, nor will you be able to direct any of the Committees that the Board has established. At the request of the President, you may offer ideas and suggestions on the subject or situation that has been presented to you. You will not have to pay the annual membership fee, but you will be responsible for paying the training fee.

Categoria de socio

Payment methods:

Money Order or Check:  In the name of PRASFAA. It is important to specify the name of the institution or company and the name of the partner to whom the payment will be awarded. Any check returned once has a $15.00 surcharge, twice has a $30.00 surcharge.

PayPal:  Search: or PRASFAA.

ACH:Electronic funds transfer between banks and credit unions. To complete the Electronic Payment Authorization form, accesshttps://70c1d4d8-4619-



Policy of photos published in PRASFAA:



This policy addresses the use of photographs of members, sponsors, speakers or guests that may be taken at any of the PRASFAA events throughout the year.


  • The use or presentation of photographs in various areas of the PRASFAA Web platform is allowed without the prior approval of the member, when the member appears in the background of an image or photograph either in face-to-face training (spring, fall or convention), workshops virtual, academies or certifications among others.

  • In the case of an image where the member appears at a PRASFAA event and the image is of interest, permission to use the image will be assumed.

  • An image depicting alcohol is not acceptable at any time and should not be posted on any official association site.

  • By applying for membership, I understand that my photo may be used in various PRASFAA media.

  • You should be aware that photographs may be taken at any PRASFAA event and published in various PRASFAA media. Those partners, speakers or sponsors who pose for the photographs will understand that they are authorizing the use of their image in this way and without being forced.


This policy will also be stated on the PRASFAA website, in the membership renewal or application and in the PRASFAA Constitution and Regulations.

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