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In order to fulfill its mission, PRASFAA develops its functions, initiatives and projects within the framework of the following:

  • Promote professional preparation, effectiveness of action among administrators, counselors, counselors and other personnel related to or interested in student financial aid programs. 


  • Manage recognition and association with other government agencies, private and community educational institutions, interested in supporting the administration of financial aid programs for students.


  • Effectively serve the interests and needs of students, the institutional community, government agencies and other sponsors of similar programs through the use of plans and programs related to student financial aid. 


  • Collaborate with educational institutions, foundations, government agencies, private and community organizations in the promotion and effective development of financial aid programs for students. 

  • Promote communication between the Association's partners to achieve greater effectiveness in the principles, criteria and procedures in student financial aid programs.


  • Facilitate communication between educational institutions, sponsors of student financial assistance programs and the PRASFAA Association. 


  • Manage the official recognition of the PRASFAA Association before the relevant authorities.


  • Maintain communication between the members of the PRASFAA Association with the regional association known as EASFAA and with the national association recognized by its acronym NASFAA.

  • Maintain a sound administration and a solid and responsible fiscal operation to guarantee the permanence and future development of the corporation.




Access to webinars, seminars, workshops and other virtual and face-to-face training opportunities.


Guarantee that our members have the opportunity for competitive training and growth in their functions and progress in their goals.


Annual convention with the best resources.


Receive updated information on important and relevant issues through electronic newsletters. 


Opportunity to exercise your leadership and develop your potential by being part of the board of directors, committees and/or our work team.


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