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Asociación de Administradores de Asistencia Económica Estudiantil de Puerto Rico, PRASFAA

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Renovación de membresía

Renovación anual de Socios activos

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Conoce nuestro calendario de actividades

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Nueva membresía

Solicitud de nueva membresía

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Upcoming events

Cyber Security and its effect on the annual compliance audit process

Date:        June 22, 2023

Location:         Zoom Meeting

Time:          10:00 a.m.

Note:          Cost free

The elements of cyber security compliance required by the ISDE, documentation and compliance in the annual audit processes will be covered. 

Taller: Mejore la Retención con Inteligencia Artificial

Fecha: 9 de mayo de 2024  

Hora: 3:00 p.m.


“PRASFAA: Liderazgo y compromiso”

Annual convention

Date: December 7 and 8, 2023

Venue: Hilton Ponce Golf and Casino Resort Hotel

Soon the information of our Convention will be updated.

Puños en solidaridad

Our purpose

as Association

Promote professional preparation, effectiveness of action among administrators, counselors, counselors and other personnel related to or interested in student financial aid programs. 

Manage recognition and association with other government agencies, private and community educational institutions, interested in supporting the administration of financial aid programs for students.

Facilitate communication between educational institutions, sponsors and the PRASFAA Association.

Manage the official recognition of the PRASFAA Association before the relevant authorities.

Maintain communication between the members of the PRASFAA Association with the regional association known as EASFAA and with the national association recognized by its acronym NASFAA.


Effectively serve the interests and needs of students, the institutional community, government agencies and other sponsors of similar programs through the use of plans and programs related to student financial aid. 

Collaborate with educational institutions, foundations, government agencies, private and community organizations in the promotion and effective development of student financial aid programs. 

Promote communication between the members of the Association to achieve greater effectiveness in the principles, criteria and procedures in student financial aid programs. 

Julio A Rodriguez Soaiza
President PRASFAA



PRASFAA Noticias
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Policy of photos published in PRASFAA:


 This policy addresses the use of photographs of members, sponsors, speakers or guests that may be taken at any of the PRASFAA events throughout the year.


  • The use or presentation of photographs in various areas of the PRASFAA Web platform is allowed without the prior approval of the member, when the member appears in the background of an image or photograph either in face-to-face training (spring, fall or convention), workshops virtual, academies or certifications among others.

  • In the case of an image where the member appears at a PRASFAA event and the image is of interest, permission to use the image will be assumed.

  • An image depicting alcohol is not acceptable at any time and should not be posted on any official association site.

  • By applying for membership, I understand that my photo may be used in various PRASFAA media.

  • You should be aware that photographs may be taken at any PRASFAA event and published in various PRASFAA media. Those partners, speakers or sponsors who pose for the photographs will understand that they are authorizing the use of their image in this way and without being forced.


This policy will also be stated on the PRASFAA website, in the membership renewal or application and in the PRASFAA Constitution and Regulations.

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