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Each member of the Board of Directors and the Committees that make up the association have duties and responsibilities that seek to achieve the mission, vision, goals and objectives of the organization.

The association has adopted, in its Constitution and Regulations, the minimum standards of professional conduct and the ethical principles established by theNational Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators  |NASFAA.  Therefore, each one of the members of the Board of Directors and the Committees, signs the document |Confidentiality Commitment, as part of their duties and responsibilities.

Our Committees

Training Committee

Communications and Technology Committee

convention committee

Economic Development Committee

Constitution, Regulations and History Committee

Finance committee

Membership Committee

Committee on Nominations and Elections

Representative in the EASFAA

Procedural Manual

Mrs. Eigna I. De Jesús Molinari

Ms. Jelitza Cintron Andino

Mr. Victor M. Meléndez Ortiz

Mr. Luis A. Camacho Diaz

Ms. Jelitza Cintron Andino

Ms. Elaine Núñez Arce

Ms. Felicita Ortiz

Mr. Steven Candelaria

Mr. Francisco Santiago Caraballo, CPA

Mr. Arden Cassimire

Mr. Eduardo Gonzalez

Mrs. Gloria Mirabal Rivera

Mrs. Frances M. Martínez Martínez

Ms. Zulma E. Medero Cordero

Mr. Ruben A. Luna Díaz, CPA

Mrs. Maria Nolasco

Mrs. Rosa Martinez

Mr. Marcos De Jesus

Mrs. Belén M. González Quiñones

Ms. Carmen E. Rivera Laboy

Mrs. Felicita Ortiz De Jesus

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