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Reunión de equipo virtual

Adiestramientos en línea


Esta sección esta dedicada al desarollo de adiestramientos virtuales de PRASFAA.  La misma pretende ofrecer adiestramientos de forma remota donde los participantes puedan recibir el adiestramiento y hacer integración con el presentador ya bien sea mediante preguntas en la utilidad de "chat" o mediante preguntas que puedan someter al Comité de Adiestramiento / Adiestramientos Virtuales.  Una vez el adiestramiento este pautado, se presentará en esta área de información sobre el contenido de la presentación, presentador, fecha y hora del adiestramiento. 

Oportunamente se enviará promoción sobre los adiestramientos a ser ofrecidos y el interesado podrá registrarse en la plataforma de adiestramientos / adiestramientos visrtuales de la página web de PRASFAA. Al finalizar el adiestramiento aquellos participantes registrados, podrán tener acceso a una copia de la presentación del adiestramiento durante un periodo de 4 semanas después del adiestramiento.  Aquellos participantes registrados, recibirán un Certificado de participación. 

  • How can I be a PRASFAA Member?
    To be considered a PRASFAA Member, you must pay the Membership fee annually. It is individual and is not transferable. The effectiveness of this includes from July 1 to June 30.
  • Can I participate in activities, trainings or conferences if I am not a Member?
    Yes, anyone interested in activities, trainings or conferences may participate, paying the determined fee for the activity for Non-Members.
  • What is the deadline to become a Member?
    There is no deadline to be a Member, there are deadlines to pay Membership fees, Training and Annual Convention. The dates appear on the invoices for each concept.
  • ¿Cuales son las cuotas y recargos por pagar luego de la fecha límite de los diferentes conceptos?
  • How can you generate an invoice for membership, training, convention?
    Slope -
  • What are the payment methods available?
    PAYMENT METHODS: 1. Money order or check: Payable to PRASFAA. It is important to specify the name of the institution or company and the name of the partner to whom the payment will be awarded. Everything one returned check has a $15.00 fee, twice has a $30.00 fee. 2. PayPal*: To issue the payment, go to 3. ACH*: Electronic funds transfer between banks and credit unions. For complete the Authorization form, see document below. * After issuing the payment by PayPal or ACH, please send the following information (the one that is presents at the bottom of this press release) the PRASFAA treasurer, Ms. Mayra I. Rodríguez Meléndez to the following email: • Member's name • Name of the institution or company • Proof of payment • Registration number
  • In case of an eventuality, can a refund or cancellation be requested for the payment made for any of the concepts?
    Yes, the cancellation policy is as follows: Any refund or cancellation request must be submitted in writing. The request must state the reason for the cancellation and include the name of the institution or agency, name of the registrant, and address. The request must be received at least two weeks before the first day of the activity (trainings, workshops, conferences, convention). After that date there will be no cancellations with the right to a refund. The request will be evaluated by the president, the teresero, and the Training Committee of the Association. If the request is approved, 75% of the fee assigned to the activity will be refunded. The refund will be issued by check to the institution, agency or person who made the original payment.
  • Are sponsors and exhibitors accepted?
    Yes, donations, sponsorships and exhibitors are accepted for different concepts such as activities, training, the website, among others.
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